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Mariott presents new “Tech-Friendly” hotel rooms

Mariott presents new “Tech-Friendly” hotel rooms

King-Guest room, Courtyard Miami Downtown

Chain Marriott , has presented its new hotels “Tech-Friendly” travel “milennials” …

Millennial is the abbreviation for “Millennial generation” , or generation born between approximately 1980 and 2000. They are also called “Generation Y”, “eco boomers”, “internet generation”, or “the next generation” and they are the people who have had access to all kinds of technology, mobiles, computers, etc. since childhood. (In other words, if we are already “somewhat” older, these will not be our favorite hotels.)

For this project they have partnered with IKEA , and the first hotel will be located at Milan’s Malpenza airport by 2014.

This brand of hotels is called Moxy and they will be specifically dedicated to attracting these types of travelers, thanks to their design, accessible services and reasonable prices.

In his presentation, a Marriot executive clarified that ” Moxy is created for travelers of the” next generation “, not of Generation X (or those born between 1964 and 1980) … and for people with a” young sensitivity ” ..

And what are millennial travelers looking for? Or what is that about “young sensitivity”? The designers basically point out 3 points:

The economy : Prices will range between 80 to 100 dollars . Considering that this generation of millennials live largely unemployed, prices seem to be an important key. Furthermore, they assume that this generation does not need to pay for things like the concierge or room service. (things that apparently Generation X does value)

Total self-sufficiency . ” We have learned that these types of consumers want to be self-sufficient, but even so, they will seek to be able to meet socially in appropriate places, either physically or digitally. ” ” No element is too small to be tested by these expert travelers ” says Ramesh Jackson , vice president of Moxy hotels. (I think that here comes the concept contributed by IKEA and its “do it yourself”  philosophy  or business model).

Experience in technology . The rooms will be functional and well designed. Simple, clear and without luxuries. But equipped with ” tech amenities ” such as USB ports or flat screen TVs. The hotels will have “plug and meet” areas with computers, 56-inch television and free Wi-Fi connection . You can also check-in from your mobile phone. They even follow all the digital ada compliance guidelines that you need to know!

Something they have not mentioned is the  location  of these hotels. Given that the first hotel to open will be at an airport and not in the city center … this makes us wonder if … this is really what these types of clients want: hotels on the outskirts of cities? . Only time will tell..

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